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I hope you are doing well. I needed to drop you a note to tell you that we are cancelling the Spring Thing. It's unfortunate as we had looked forward to it, but ever since a September plane ride, Lynette has been having inner ear issues that are affecting her balance as wells as causing her to suffer from vertigo-like symptoms on a regular basis. Some days are better than others, however, she never knows if she is going to have a good day or a bad day.We have been thinking and praying and just feel we need to hold off on any future dates that involve travel for now. I hope you understand.We will revisit doing an event like this in the future because we know it would have been a lot of fun! I appreciate your willingness to be a part of this event. Your support means the world! For now, if you’d please pray that we figure out what is going on with Lynette and that the doctors can offer a solution to get this issue resolved, Lynette would greatly appreciate it! 


Thank you!